Smart ERP (SERP)

Smart-ERP is an end-to-end enterprise solution that automates main business functions and integrates them with Smart-Collaboration, Smart-Surveillance, and Smart-BI. It is very easy to be configured to customer requirements and preferences thanks to the business rule engine, in a fully bilingual (Arabic/English) interface.

Smart-ERP is a robust Automation Solution for nonacademic transactions aligned with the way people work today, regardless of platform and location. Smart-ERP consists of forms, rules, reports, and configuration procedures on its granular level, to be used for localized regulation customizations.

Our Product
Our Product

Transaction Integration

Smart-ERP is an enterprise solution that automates four business areas: Commercials, Operations, Accounting, and Human Resources Management. The four suites are fully integrated on the interdepartmental transaction level.

Accounting entries are automatically generated by the related business transactions when automating accounting-based transactions, then posted to accounting.

Automated Processes

The Smart-ERP is integrated into Smart- Collaboration that automates all business Workflow and combines it with transaction information, relevant supporting documents, and interactions internally between Managers, Employees, Students/ Customers, and Professors/Vendors.