Smart Education (SE)

  • Smart-Education is fully integrated with the other three product suites, Smart-ERP, Smart-Collaboration, and Smart-BI

The Smart-Higher-Education Product Suite aims to automate three sets of specialized applications that are essential for Education functions in running any higher Education Institute namely, Education Core Systems (ECS), Education Support Systems (ESS), and eLearning Functions (ELF).

Our Product
Our Product

Education-Core-Systems (ECS)

The Education-Core-Systems serve the Higher-Education primary functions, and it includes a rule-based engine function for the University IT to reconfigure the systems as required, and it mainly covers automation of the following three business areas of universities, Colleges, and Institutes:

  • Education Affairs and Student systems.
  • Postgraduate-study management systems
  • Academic staff management system.

eLearning Functions

As smart Learning tools became mandatory to face the increasing demand for remote learning process, eSmartSoft introduces its Smart-Learning tools as part of its University Digital Transformation solution. It could be managed as a stand-alone solution or integrated with Smart-University-Workplace, the Smart-Learning tools contains Smart-LMS, Smart-eBook, and Smart-eExam

Education Support Systems (ESS)

The Education Support Systems (ESS) automates the following education-supporting functionalities and integrate them (with each other’s & with ECS automated business areas):

  • Quality management systems
  • Scientific research platform.
  • Society Services & Environment Development.
Our Product