Smart BI (SBI)

Smart-BI is a window on Business-data at the fingertips of Decision-Makers and Middle-Management, it is the technology for building personalized dashboards, statistics, and graphs with zero programming.


This tool is integrated with all Product-Suites of Smart-University-Workplace, it has a central repository of standard and ad-hoc messages, that are automatically sent based on time or other criteria to the email address or smartphone.


Smart-ETL (Data Warehouse Builder) encompasses the ways and means required to build an enterprise’s decision-support central platform. It contains three functions to extract, transform & load data from enterprise subschemas to a central repository normalized for Decision Support.

Our Product
Our Product


Smart Reports is an end-user reporting and DSS tool (OLAP) used for creating sophisticated interactive reports without writing code, or learning programming languages. It is used in accessing almost all RDBMS (Oracle, DB2, and MS SQL), different instances of the same DBMS, and other data sources (MS Excel, Lotus forms)

End-User Reporting

Smart-Dashboard is used by Business-Professionals to design quality interactive reports using a drag-and-drop interface and object-oriented explorers.

Decision Support

Created Reports have DSS capabilities like Conditional Coloring, Run Time Reformatting, Graphical Representation, and what-if analysis.